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Remember The Word: The Book of Mormon Edition Volume 1 Scripture DVD Trivia Game

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DVD Party Game with over 200 Questions
Ages 12+
Great For Family Home Evenings, Seminary & Institute Students, Future & Returned Missionaries
8 Rounds
Time to Play: 30-60 minutes

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Product Description

REMEMBER THE WORD is an interactive DVD scripture trivia game the whole family can enjoy. Your family and friends will delight in testing their scriptural knowledge with these fun and engaging questions. A sure boost to any personal or family scripture study, REMEMBER THE WORD will increase your desire to feast upon the word of God.

The Object of the game is to gather as many stones as you can. You receive stones when your team answers the questions correctly in each round. There are a total of 8 rounds.

Round 1 Wisdom – True/False
Round 2 Identify – Guess Who
Round 3 Reveal – Fill in the blank
Round 4 Seek – Scripture chase
Round 5 Timeline – Place events in order
Round 6 Proclaim – Who said the quote
Round 7 Experiences – Match events to scripture figures
Round 8 Agency – Multiple Choice

Each time the game is played, a series of questions are randomly selected within each round (there are over 200 questions!) – making numerous playing possibilities!

It’s simple to play! All you need is a TV and a DVD player! Simply gather your family and friends, divide into 2 teams, grab the DVD remote and you are ready to begin!

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